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Fertility Prep Yoga


This private session includes meditations, mudras, manifestations, affirmations, and asana to help guide you through your fertility journey. 
Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or using ART, each session will be customized to fit your needs. Stress is a limiting factor for anyone trying to conceive and the objective of this practice is to calm the mind and the body in preparation for pregnancy.

Yoga is a wonderful tool to incorporate at any time, but especially within 180-120 days of intended conception.


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Yoga for Cycle Syncing

Did you know that energy levels in the body change within the menstrual cycle and your activity level for exercise can reflect that? With this private session, we will work with your body through a yin or yang or combination practice. The menstrual phase starts with a slower practice before moving to more yang or active practice prior to ovulation.

This consistent yoga that works with your natural hormone levels in the body can help relieve stress helping to optimize your cycle experience and your life.


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Yoga for Hormonal Balance

When on hormonal birth control, it can be difficult to stay in touch with the natural hormone cycle of the body.  Making the decision to go off is a huge one! This private practice will help support you on the journey to get off birth control and welcome your natural hormonal cycle.

We will use the guidance from the moon (if not ovulating) or work with the date of your last withdrawal bleed to customize a flow and meditations for you. If appropriate, we will focus on the sacral chakra during these sessions.




When it comes to preparing the body for pregnancy, you can incorporate fertility preparation concepts into your yoga practice as early as 1 year prior, especially if your cycles are irregular. Each week, we will connect and chat: the decision to have a baby can be a scary one! It can also be exciting, frustrating, and confusing. We keep these emotions stored in the body, especially our hips. Through the use of asana, breathwork, and mediation we can work through some of that stored emotion.   Work with me 1:1 each week for a month, and continue as long as you would like to.


As your fertility journey evolves, you may not need to discuss the decision any longer - it's here! If you are TTC, we will have a yoga flow to enhance whatever stage of your TTC you are in: preparing for ovulation with the intent to conceive, the two-week wait, or the (perhaps disappointing) menstruation phase. This journey looks different for everyone, and having a yoga practice can do wonders for the mind, body, spirit, and baby!

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Fertility preparation yoga might be for you if:

  • You are just coming off hormonal birth control with the intent of conception.

  • You will be trying to conceive in the next 3 to 6 months, or in up to a year.

  • You just started actively trying to conceive (less than 3 months) and would like extra support.
    You know your body best. If you feel fertility prep yoga is the right step for you, click the link below!

Fertility Yog

"Rejuvenating, enlightening, joyful"
                - Devon C. on her yoga for cycle syncing experience


Both males and females have a cyclical hormone cycle in the body, however, males operate on a circadian cycle (24 hours), whereas females function on a monthly cycle (21 to 35 days). This is an important distinction, as our society today generally functions on a 24-hour cycle system, which can lead to stress, discomfort, and lack of confidence in day-to-day life. This is why the unique combination of yoga and cycle syncing can reduce stress while also allowing you to process emotions, explore energy levels, and make room for acceptance of where you are when showing up on the mat each day.


Through the 21-35 day cycle - each body is unique - you will have four "phases" of hormone levels. When you work with your body through exercise, diet, social gatherings, and general lifestyle, you can take advantage of the monthly hormonal changes. Ride the high, productive waves of the follicular and ovulatory phases when you learn to anticipate them. Then be more introspective and creative while welcoming the downtime during the luteal and menstrual phase.

Yoga for Cycle Syncing is a 4-week, 1 hour per week experience where we dive into yoga that is linked with these four phases. We also discuss some diet, exercise, and lifestyle additions that will enhance each phase.

Yoga for Cycle Syncing might be for you if:

  • You are a menstruator.

  • You recently went off hormonal birth control.

  • You have uncomfortable PMS symptoms.

  • You would like to learn more about cycle syncing and its benefits.

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Cycle Sync
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Ready to optimize your cycles through yoga?


Yoga for Hormonal Balance is session by session basis for 75 minutes. We will discuss your symptoms, what your cycle goals are, and incorporate journal prompts and meditations to our yoga flows. We also discuss some diet, exercise, and lifestyle additions to help optimize your cycle.

Yoga for Hormonal Balance might be for you if:

  • You are using non-hormonal birth control, such as the copper IUD.

  • You do not have regular periods (<21 days, >35 days, or less than 10 per year).

  • You have uncomfortable PMS symptoms.

  • You have lost your period due to birth control usage or PCOS.

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