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July 2022 Special Offerings

Full Moon Flow at Lunar Art Events
July 11th, 7:00-8:00 pm
In-Studio | Buried Acorn Brewing
July Full Moon Flow
July 13th, 7:30-8:00 pm
On-Line | Zoom


Workshops + 30 min Online Flows

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PD Yoga



This movement is meant to inspire balance, in the body and calmness in the mind. We focus on breathwork and balance postures. A chair is often incorporated into the practice to help utilize props for a mindful movement practice geared towards those with PD.

Moon Flow Yoga

Full Moons and New Moons

7:30 pm EST

We work with the power of the moon with either a power yoga flow or a yin yoga experience based on the phase of the moon. Energizing flows are in the morning and relaxation flows are in the evening. This flow is 30 minutes.


Weekend Mornings
8am EST or 9am EST

Power flow yoga is about building strength - our body and our mind by holding poses that cause stress in the body which then allows for release at the end of practice. A wonderful way to start your day!


30-Min Zoom Flows $7
3-Class Pack Available $18
5-Class Pack Available  $25

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