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My 10 Min Everyday Yoga: As a Yoga Teacher

Some days, it's easy to get caught up in the to-do list. Including myself. Does this yoga teacher do yoga every day?


But I totally try to. It's hard to get on the mat each day but make a conservative effort to make time in the morning for at least 10 minutes. That doesn't sound impossible; quite frankly, when my yoga mat is left on the floor at all times, it's pretty inviting. The secret to getting on the mat each day?

- Accessibility

- Wake up 10 minutes early

- Have a plan for the 10 minutes

Sometimes just having a plan helps us to get the thing done, especially the hard thing first thing in the morning. Here is my go-to plan:

Try it out for yourself every day next week. Set your alarm now, and place your mat out (even if it's temporary, just to build a habit). While you go about the rest of your day, ask yourself: Do my shoulders feel better? Does my back hurt less? I can't wait to hear how this experience goes!

All the best,

Sam, Lunar Cycle Life

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